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Bluetooth Module Breakout Board

This is just a simple breakout board for the RN-42 Bluetooth Module. I designed it with Eagle CAD, and made it on my CNC PCB machine.




DIY industrial sewing machine zipper guide

I needed a zipper guide for my walking foot sewing machine. So I made one!

Took a piece of cutting board material. Put it in my small CNC machine and machine out a groove just wide enough and deep enough for my coil zipper material. Then using some aluminum angle material. I developed a mount to mount it to the presser foot on the sewing machine.

The main idea behind this is to keep the material and the zipper specifically distanced apart, along the length of the coil zipper.





DIY Rugs … for less then $20!

We were moving to a new home, and the new place had ALL tile floors. We needed some rugs to deaden the echo. I went to Lowes to look for some. The avrage price for a 8’x10′ area rug was about $80. That was too much!

I then noticed a remnant of some nice Berber  hidden under the full rolls of carpet. I asked the worker how much it was. The price tag said $30, but he could let me have it for $15!! WIN!!

The piece was 12’x6′. So I cut off 2′ from the 12′ side, making a 10’x6′ and a 2’x6’… Yes I got 2 rugs out of it!

I had some tan 1″ nylon webbing, and some tan #69 nylon thread. I used my Yamata sewing machine and a binding feeder and sewed on a edge for the carpet, thus making it a rug! The webbing was on a roll, so it was sewn on in one continuous piece on the edge of the carpet.

Had a little trouble feeding it on my machine, it was big and very heavy. So a few spots got a little wonky.  But over all it turned out great!


DIY Jeep Radiator Fan Shroud

I had a 16″ electric fan on my Jeep, it was mounted right to the radiator with the zip tie like things it came with. After a few years the fan had rubbed holes into the core, making it leak lots of coolant. 🙁

So I went out and got a new radiator. After looking at it on the bench, and not wanting the fan to put another hole in my the new one. I came up with the idea for a aluminum fan shroud with dual 10″ fans.

Using my plasma cutter, I cut out all the proper holes for the shroud, to mount it and for the fans. Including a built in spot for the overflow bottle. I also made pass through holes for high way driving, with rubber flaps so when you come to a stop the flap closes and the fans do all the work!

Total cost was about $75 … including the fans!



DIY Cheap “Macro” Cell Phone Photography

I needed to show my boss a component that was fried on a board. He is an elderly gentleman, so his eye site is not so good. So I thought I would take a photo of the bad part and show him on the large display on my computer. All I had to take the photo was my cell phone. I thought to myself, what if I put my eye loop up to the lens and use it to magnified the image.  Bingo!

Now the trick is to zoom in on your camera and put the loop over the lens, more zoom means more macro, but its gets a little grainy.

A set of eye loops at Harbor Fright is about $5.


DIY LED Light Bar REV.#2

After finishing my original light bar project here. I decided that it would be much brighter, not that its not bright….just can be brighter. One of the main goals of the original light bar was VERY low amp draw. I got that with only 3Amp from the entire bar! So the goal of the next bar will be VERY bright, and to hell with the amps!!

So enter the LED Light Bar REV.#2 🙂

The new LEDs are over 400lm each!!!

The original LEDs from the first one are about 90-100lm.



DIY Jeep Rock Sliders

I needed some way to jack my Jeep up from the side, using a Farm Jack. The sheet metal was way to thin, and would get crushed all most instantly. So I was looking at rock sliders, I found some cheap ones….but not cheap enough 🙂

I embarked on making my own. I went to a local recycling company, and bought 1/4″ think 5″x3″ angle iron. It was $.35 per pound.

I used my plasma cutter to cut the angle to match the front and rear fender flares. Drilled and counter sunk for stainless steel hardware.

The whole project cost about $55 🙂


DIY Jeep Belly Pan Bolts

Not long after I got my Jeep, I wanted to life it and install bigger tires. So being on a budget, I ordered a cheap kit form RugidRidge. The kit came with a 1″ drop for the transfer case pan. The drop for the belly pan enabled one to install a lift and not have to worry about the angle of the rear drive shaft.

I recently installed a Slip Yoke Eliminator. The SYE allows you to use a Double Cardin (CV type) rear drive shaft. This means that I can remove the 1″ belly pan drop and move it back to it original placement…. or get a tummy tuck kit. It turns out that I thought I had saved the OEM bolts for the pan. But when it came time to reinstall them, I could not find them. The bolt has a special cone shape under the head, this helps align the pan. So a normal bolt really wouldn’t work right, the pan has a matching inverse cone shape seat for the bolt.

After searching on the internet for replacements, someone on Facebook gave me a Jeep part number for the bolts! 🙂 The part Number is: 06035836

So I called my local dealer….. $5 EACH!!! WTF??? And they couldn’t even get me any…lol!!!

Then I thought, like I always think, I will make my own!

Taking the 6 bolts form the the drop, which are too long now that the 1″ spacers are out, I cut off the hex head part and drilled out the center of the cone shape to 1/2″. This is now a cone shaped washer with a 1/2″ hole. I then bought some grade 8 bolts from ACE, @ $1.39, then slipped the home made cone washer on to it. BINGO!!


LED light bar update: COMPLETED!

I have finally finished the LED light bar! It’s installed and works!! 🙂

This project has gone through TONs of changes over the months, even in the last few days I have changed things.


Folding Beer Pong Table

My wife want to make me a beer pong table for Christmas one year. Bless  her heart! But it didn’t turn out so well. So I took her idea, and made my own 🙂

Its “regulation” size. Folds in the middle and has folding legs. We are going to cover it with all kinds of beer brand stickers.

Tried it out on new years eve 2012!!! Worked like a champ!!