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3D Systems Cube Gen 3 Silicone Rubber Wiper Blade.

Sold as a lot of 4 (2 sets) with free shipping via First Class USPS.




Price: $3.00




IMG_20151102_144653Juki Style nozzle holder custom made for the OpenPNP community. The holder does not come with any nozzles or motors.

The holder is 54.5mm long with a 5mm ID for NEMA style hollow shaft motors.

The holder operates via a spring loaded ball bearing system, similar to a compressor air chuck.


Price: $89.00


IMG_20151107_160437Juki Nozzle Set. Set of 4 Juki style nozzles, for Juki holders or custom applications. Sizes are 503 504 505 506. No individual nozzles will be sold, only sets.




Price: $50.00 Out of stock


SmoothieLaserK40-SmoothieLaser FFC Breakout PCB. This board allows the use of SmoothieBoard or RAMPS on a (Ebay) China K40 type laser, with a FFC (Flat Ribbon Cable).

You can get just the board or with an un-soldered components kit.



Price: $3.00 Out of stock