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October 3, 2011

Wireless Transmiter & Receiver Relay

This is a pretty simple RF remote link. It transmits at 315Mhz. The transmitter and receiver are both microcontrolled. Dip switches on both devices allow addressing from TX to RX, this allows up to 4 different TX/RX pairs to work in the same location! Dip switches on the receiver set the amount of time the relay is on. This is coded into the microcontroller.

This was intended to be used as a lockout device, hence the delay needed.

Here are some features:

  • Very good distance of operation
  • Address-ability for TX/RX pairing
  • Time out setting for the relay via dip switches
  • Wireless transmitter with battery life of YEARS
  • Override switch to manually lock on the relay(for testing)
  • PNP transistor controlled battery for transmitter; Thus the battery should last years! (with normal usage)
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