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November 14, 2010

VW Bug / Jeep project. AKA- The Veep :)

Back in 98-99 I was working in a machine shop. I had caviar dreams on a sardine budget. I sent a lot of time off road in the mud, ad really wanted a Jeep. Unable to afford one I embarked on a journey to “make” my own.

Back in the day VW bugs were cheap and plentiful. I bought many for under $200. I even got a VW bus and a bug from a guy for $50 ea., and they both ran.

I really didn’t have a set of plans, I just knew what I wanted to end up with. SO i bought a bug, gutted it, and took off the body. I replaced the belly pans, then had the rolling chassis completely sand blasted. After tilting the chassis up in it side, sitting on the side wall of two tires, I sprayed the entire thing with epoxy primer, then used under coating spray on the bottom. With the body sitting on a make shift trailer, i started hacking away at the body to make my dream a reality. I made a roll cage that made it look like a Jeep. Installed a fiberglass body kit I bought online. Then made a paint booth in the car port of my dad’s house. I painted the entire thing black with yellow for the chassis and bumpers. Finished it off with plastic racing seats, 5 point harness, six KC light, 1835CC engine, autometer gauge set and 29″ Thornbird tires. I made a frame¬† from steel rod, in the shape of the door. My neighbor then covered it with water proof canvas and a clear vinyl window, that zipped out!

I took it off road many times and had a BLAST!  I even won 2nd place at a Bug Out car show. It was also my daily driver for years.

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