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February 23, 2011

Microcontroller Based PC “Kick Starter”

In the arcade industry it now more common to use PCs, running Windows or Linux, to run the game software.

A small problem with some manufactures is the inability of the PC to self start after power loss. Even with BIOS settings to insure that the PC will restart, sometime they just don’t!

So, I developed a elegant solution to make sure the PC will come on when the machine is plugged in.

Key features:

  • Always running, as long as the PSU is good, and plugged in to A/C.
  • Multiple attempts to start the PC, before a shut down/error mode
  • Built in WatchDog in the IC, to insure code execution.
  • Checks EVERY 4 hours to make sure the PC is still running.
  • If 4hr check fails, it will attempt to “kick start” PC
  • Plug and Play with any PC or arcade manufacturer(using PCs).
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