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January 11, 2012

Hand Controlled Throttle

My Jeep is a manual transmission. So when I want to climb rocks or hills, its hard to work the clutch, brake, and the gas with only two feet.

I did some checking and lots of companies make a had throttle, the average price is $35-40. But upon close inspection, they are just made from bicycle parts. A gear shifter and a cable.

So I went to a local bike shop and bought all the parts needed for $12!!!! Their was one part I got from the Jeep dealer, its a Throttle Body Return Spring, it was $6. It has a clip that will  attach to an extra point on the throttle body, this made the install REAL easy!

The gear shifter I bought has a thumb screw to adjust tension. But it also will lock it in any position, this means I can kick up the throttle and lock it, if I am running a winch or some other power hungry device. Now I can also use it as a cruse control 🙂 Although I would highly advise against it!

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