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February 4, 2013

DIY Rugs … for less then $20!

We were moving to a new home, and the new place had ALL tile floors. We needed some rugs to deaden the echo. I went to Lowes to look for some. The avrage price for a 8’x10′ area rug was about $80. That was too much!

I then noticed a remnant of some nice Berber  hidden under the full rolls of carpet. I asked the worker how much it was. The price tag said $30, but he could let me have it for $15!! WIN!!

The piece was 12’x6′. So I cut off 2′ from the 12′ side, making a 10’x6′ and a 2’x6’… Yes I got 2 rugs out of it!

I had some tan 1″ nylon webbing, and some tan #69 nylon thread. I used my Yamata sewing machine and a binding feeder and sewed on a edge for the carpet, thus making it a rug! The webbing was on a roll, so it was sewn on in one continuous piece on the edge of the carpet.

Had a little trouble feeding it on my machine, it was big and very heavy. So a few spots got a little wonky.  But over all it turned out great!

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