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January 11, 2013

DIY Jeep Radiator Fan Shroud

I had a 16″ electric fan on my Jeep, it was mounted right to the radiator with the zip tie like things it came with. After a few years the fan had rubbed holes into the core, making it leak lots of coolant. 🙁

So I went out and got a new radiator. After looking at it on the bench, and not wanting the fan to put another hole in my the new one. I came up with the idea for a aluminum fan shroud with dual 10″ fans.

Using my plasma cutter, I cut out all the proper holes for the shroud, to mount it and for the fans. Including a built in spot for the overflow bottle. I also made pass through holes for high way driving, with rubber flaps so when you come to a stop the flap closes and the fans do all the work!

Total cost was about $75 … including the fans!


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