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April 21, 2012

DIY Jeep Belly Pan Bolts

Not long after I got my Jeep, I wanted to life it and install bigger tires. So being on a budget, I ordered a cheap kit form RugidRidge. The kit came with a 1″ drop for the transfer case pan. The drop for the belly pan enabled one to install a lift and not have to worry about the angle of the rear drive shaft.

I recently installed a Slip Yoke Eliminator. The SYE allows you to use a Double Cardin (CV type) rear drive shaft. This means that I can remove the 1″ belly pan drop and move it back to it original placement…. or get a tummy tuck kit. It turns out that I thought I had saved the OEM bolts for the pan. But when it came time to reinstall them, I could not find them. The bolt has a special cone shape under the head, this helps align the pan. So a normal bolt really wouldn’t work right, the pan has a matching inverse cone shape seat for the bolt.

After searching on the internet for replacements, someone on Facebook gave me a Jeep part number for the bolts! 🙂 The part Number is: 06035836

So I called my local dealer….. $5 EACH!!! WTF??? And they couldn’t even get me any…lol!!!

Then I thought, like I always think, I will make my own!

Taking the 6 bolts form the the drop, which are too long now that the 1″ spacers are out, I cut off the hex head part and drilled out the center of the cone shape to 1/2″. This is now a cone shaped washer with a 1/2″ hole. I then bought some grade 8 bolts from ACE, @ $1.39, then slipped the home made cone washer on to it. BINGO!!

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