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June 11, 2016

DIY Drain Clog Cleaning Stick

You have most likely seen these on TV or at a hardware store. It’s a stick with barbs to clean your sink drain.

They cost about $3+. And the instructions tell you to throw it away when you are done. I hate throwing money away! 🙁

I have cleaned them in the past, but it is a real pain.

I went to the hardware store to grab one, needed it that day. Took one off the rack and had an brilliant idea! Use a long zip tie as the stick, and save a TON of money!! $$$ WINNING $$$!! It take about 2 mins to make barbs down the sides of the wire tie. I used a smaller wire tie as a loop handle at the top.


The cost of 24″ long zip ties are $6.50 for 15pcs. That works out to be $.43 EACH. Now for $.43 I will throw it away! 🙂

Plus you have the added bonus of having the zip ties for other uses/projects!

One way I would make the next one is to heat the razor a little to bend the barb out a more.

Be Careful not to slip and cut yourself!!!


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