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August 18, 2011

Automatic Wireless Mic “Ducking” or Gate Switch for TouchTunes Jukebox

UPDATE 9/14/2011

You may have read  my other post on a cheap and effective way to have a “enable” switch with a wireless microphone system. Here is a link.

Now this system works great with VHF type microphones, but I had a lot of problems with implementing it with UHF.  :^/ So i had to come up with a new system, and fast. My boss gave my basically one day!

So now we have a reliable system what will work with any wireless microphone systems, without having to open the receiver or do any soldering. So far their has been 3 Revisions of this current project… hoping 3 time is the charm!

  • REV1 – With microcontroller: works good, but gain on the mic had to be at max, this caused problems. Source code was a little messy…
  • REV2 – Without microcontroller: I used a 555 timer to get the switch on/off times, now gain on mic is no problem. Not to happy with 555 triggering….
  • REV3 – With microcontroller: Dumped the 555,  went back to the PIC, redid all the code (now I have time to tweak it) much more stable.
  • REV3.5 –  Same is REV3 but with SMD type components and a barrier block for inputs and outputs.

Here are some features:

  • Watchdog enabled on the PIC
  • Adjustable input sensitivity for the switch
  • Optically isolated switch @ 2500 Vrms!
  • Pass through audio via RCA connectors.
  • Dip switch adjustable preset “delay till off”: 5sec, 10sec and 15sec
  • Switch output can be used to trigger a MOSFET for high current switching
  • Barrier block for inputs and outputs, allowing a more universal hookup.
  • Balanced and Un-Balanced MIC  operation.
  • LEDs to indicate: Power, Gate On, and Trigger (MIC input)

I will be making a production run of these devices, if you are interested, please use this form to contact me:

All gone….
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