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July 7, 2019

NEMA23 Stepper Motor Cooling Fan Housing

My China heated webbing cutter uses a NEMA23 stepper to extruded and measure the webbing to cut. Early on I found out that the temp inside the machine was too high, because of the heat cutter head. So it would skip steps on the motor. The CPU would not now it skipped, so everything would turn out the wrong length.

So I strapped on some scrap aluminum CPU heat sinks. Worked fine for years. Then the drive belt broke. So I had to cut off the stainless steel wire holding on the aluminum. Instead of trying to attach it as i had it rigged before, I decided to search out a different system for cooling.

Not happy with the options I found on the web, I decided to make my own in Fusion 360!

The housing is held onto the motor with 2 zip-ties. They provide clamping to keep it on the motor. It is designed for a motor 75MM tall. And uses a 70MM 12v fan. The fan can be any thickness because it is held on with M4 screws.

Since this is in a high heat environment, I had it printed for me from PA12 Nylon, on a HP MJF printer.

You can download the STL from my Thingiverse account:

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