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June 20, 2015

DIY Grommet Machine

I needed a new grommet machine for a second grommet size I use. I was able to find some in my price range, but the machine’s throat was not deep enough. All IĀ could find was about 8-10″ deep. That wouldn’t work.


I got some T-Slot aluminum extrusions on ebay and made my own!


The machine is air powered. I got a 4″ bore cylinder on ebay for cheap! I made a mounting plate out of some scrap 1/4″ thick angle iron I had.


The depth of the throat of this machine is about 28″! The material slips down between the 2 sections of aluminum.


I got a cheap machine table from harbor freight, and mounted the grommet machine to it. It works, but my compressor does not have the air capacity to power it to its fullest. That’s the next buy.

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