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Lego Man Halloween Costume

This is a home made costume I made for my son.  My wife was searching for ideas for him and can across some examples, he then demanded that he wanted to be a Lego Man.

The head is some concrete tube form. The body is just a big card board box. The hands are some PVC pipe. The very top of the head is a tuna can. LOL

My wife had the kids stand out side to get some photos. We lived on a busy road. Almost everyone driving by was honking and waving at my son!


Tubing Bend Calculation Tool Made in Flash

I own a Jeep 1997 TJ. I wanted to make a tire carrier/bumper for it. So I found a web site that sells pre-bent tubing for fabrication. I emailed the guy and asked if he can do custom parts, he said with-in reason. But went on to say that we wished his web site could take a custom orders and quote the cost of the part. BINGO! I said I could make a Flash based tool to calculate bend angle, length and cost. So here is the W.I.P.:

Here is the link.