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November 2, 2020

2×4 Deck Railing Support Bracket

Supports for 2×4 railing for your wooden deck project. Similar parts can be bought from the big box home improvement stores. I custom designed the stair rail brackets to hold the rail at 30 degrees (most common for decks). Store-bought brackets DO NOT do this.

This has 3 thing files:
-90 Degree Bracket (most common)
-30 Degree Top Bracket (for high side stair railing)
-30 Degree Bottom Bracket (for low side stair railing)

For stair railing, you will need one top and one bottom for each 2×4!
For horizontal railing, you will need to print two 90 degree parts for each 2×4!

Use flat head 2″ Construction Screw wood screws to mount everything. (6 each bracket)

DO NOT USE IMPACT TO DRIVE THE SCREWS!! Use a drill/driver and set to a low clutch setting to start with, to test it out.

Side are cut back to accommodate a wooden hand rail.

I used ASA black filament for this project due to its great UV stability.

Your results may vary…..

The STL files can be found on my Thingagerse account.

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